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Know 4 Benefits of Pineapple Water and How to make it at Home!

With the summer approaching, a huge amount of juices and cool drinks have become our top priority. One of the drinks that you can try out in the intense heat is pineapple water. Today we will list some benefits of pineapple water and how you can easily make it at home.

  • Improved digestion

Pineapple water can do wonders when it comes to digestion. It helps you enhance your digestion and keep you at peace.

  • Keeps you hydrated

Just like other fruit juices, pineapple water makes sure that you are not dehydrated in the summers.

  • Reduces Inflammation

One of the most important functions of pineapple water is that it reduces inflammation. Pineapple has bromelain that is water-soluble and has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Builds your immune system

According to various research and reports, pineapple water has immune-boosting properties. It is also a great source of vitamin C & manganese.

Now, let’s take a look at how to make pineapple water?

  • First, make sure that you have removed the hard skin of the pineapple, usually, vegetable and fruit vendors do it for you.
  • After that chop up some pineapple and put it in water. The longer you keep it in water, the more flavour you get.
  • Then you can mix the pineapple juice with one cup of water and ice. Your drink is ready.

You can also keep the pineapple in water overnight and consume it the next morning, it is known as Pineapple infused drink.

So these are some of the benefits of pineapple water that you must know about this summer!


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(Image credits: Freepik)