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Now you can send GIFs, Silent Messages, Command messages on FB Messenger, Know more here!

Facebook Messenger has released a set of new features called Shortcuts, using commands on the messaging service. iOS and Android users can now command in the chat window to perform different tasks like sending a GIF, silently sending a message without notifying other users, notifying messages to the group and much more.

The Meta-owned messaging service announced on Tuesday that they are introducing Shortcuts for Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS which will be available starting today. Using this feature, they can now address the entire group members of the chat with the @everyone command.


Users can also utilise Shortcuts on Messenger to message a user or group without notifying them, using the /silent command. Messages sent using this command will not notify the user about the message; this is good for those who live in different time zones so that they don’t disturb each other. The silent message feature was first introduced in Telegram back in 2019.

The /silent and @everyone Shortcuts will be available to Facebook Messenger users on iOS and Android devices starting today, according to the company. The app is also working on the ability to search and send GIFs to users and groups on Messenger using the /gif command.


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