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Now you will be able to react to specific moments of a video with emojis on Youtube! Know here how.

YouTube is testing on timed reactions feature on its mobile apps. On Monday, they announced that soon users will be able to react to specific moments in a video with 8 emojis. It is currently experimenting and is still at a very early stage. Last November, YouTube disabled the dislike counts for videos and has been testing other ways to interact with content like timed comments on videos.

In an announcement on the YouTube official website, they revealed that it is rolling out this new emoji feature after receiving positive feedback about its timed comments in the beta feature. Now, you will be able to react to messages with 8 emojis at exact moments in a video. YouTube said that the reactions will be anonymous and the platform won’t show who reacted at which time. It might be similar to how Instagram Live gives users a chance to react live to the video with hearts.


YouTube has chosen some channels to test this new feature as a part of the pilot program. However, they have not revealed which channels they will be including in the pilot program.

Currently, they are working on this update for the mobile app so it is yet not known when they will bring this feature to the desktop website. Users will be able to react to a specific moment in the video by opening the comment section and tapping on the reaction panel.


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