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Now listen to voice messages out of chat, pause and resume recording voice messages on WhatsApp, Read Here

On Wednesday, WhatsApp made some big announcements for voice messages to make it easier for people to communicate with their contacts using voice notes. The updates include pausing and resuming voice message recordings, waveform visualisation, out of chat playback and draft preview. WhatsApp also shared that its users send over 7 billion voice messages on average every single day.

One of the most useful additions that WhatsApp has bought is voice messages. Now you will be able to listen to voice messages even outside of the chat like how you can listen to music outside of Gaana.com or Spotify. With this feature, you can multitask and respond to other chats on WhatsApp too. However, your active voice message will, though, not run in the background if you leave WhatsApp or switch to a different app.


Another update for WhatsApp voice notes is pausing and resuming voice messages when you are recording them. This wasn’t possible before. It was rolled out to some iPhone users in January.

Another feature that WhatsApp has bought is the playback feature that lets you pick up your voice messages where you left off when you return to a specific chat after pausing them.


These features will be available to all users in a few weeks so make sure to keep your app updated.

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