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Maharashtra will create a biometric database of 6.5 lakh criminals to enhance police investigations

Maharashtra will be the first state to establish a biometric database of 6.5 lakh persons with criminal histories, as well as a computerised fingerprint and iris scanning system. On Saturday, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will inaugurate an offenders’ biometric database to assist police investigations in tracking down a crime suspect.

The information on the perpetrators’ biometric database has been checked by the Bureau of fingerprint specialists, which is known as an automated multimodal biometric identification system (AMBIS). This digitalisation of data will assist law enforcement authorities in quickly tracking down offenders.


According to a top official reported by TOI, they have precise data on an estimated 6.5 lakh undertrials and prisoners, which has been certified by the bureau of fingerprint specialists. This will assist law enforcement authorities in rapidly tracing the past of a criminal suspect.

According to a TV9 report, a Rs 53.6 crore request for the AMBIS project was approved roughly five years ago.


He went on to say that the data will be made available to all police stations in the state, as well as other institutions involved in crime detection. They have captured the undertrials’ and prisoners’ fingerprints, palm prints, and biometric data, which has been corporated in the system.

The bureaucrat went on to say that they had formed a high-level coordination committee at the state, commissionerates, and district levels to oversee the system’s implementation. The strategy will be implemented through police stations, units, training centres, and fingerprint units, and IPS officials and unit leaders have been given instructions.