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Pune revokes THIS mandatory traffic rule for two-wheelers, District Collector explains, Read here

Pune district collector Rajesh Deshmukh on Thursday issued an order to implement the helmet rule more strictly.

The order states, “As per Motor Vehicle Act, all persons above four years of age, pillion rider or rider will have to wear a helmet. All people from government, non-government, municipal corporations, municipality, city council, schools, colleges, and government staff should follow the rule as their prime duty.”


Those who don’t follow this rule will be penalised under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, Section 121. However, after the news of the mandatory helmets came out, Rajesh Deshmukh further clarified that wearing helmets is not compulsory in Pune currently. However, in the first phase of implementing the ‘helmet compulsory’ rule, government employees will have to wear helmets when they are coming to work.

Deshmukh further said that seeing the government employees following the helmet rule, the general public will also be inspired.


This statement came today after the order that was issued by the District Collector yesterday regarding the use of helmets. He clarified that a helmet is no longer compulsory for people in Pune.

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