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Should you bath in Hot Water or Cold Water? Know more here

With the summer’s intense heat piercing our skin, most of us have switched to cold showers from hot showers that we took a few months back but which one is good for your body? Today we will list the pros and cons list of whether you should take a hot shower or a cold shower!

Pros of a Cold Shower

  • Wakes you up: In the morning when you take a cold shower bath, it gives you a shock to the body and automatically stimulates oxygen flow, heart rate and alertness.
  • Prevents cold: When you are habitual of cold showers, you are less prone to catch a cold because your body has adapted to colder temperatures.
  • Increases circulation: When the cold water hits your body and limbs, it triggers circulation on the surface of your body.
  • Reduces tensions in mind: Coldwater does the job of cooling your nerves, hence, whenever you are worried or under a lot of stress – do take a cold shower!

Cons of a Cold Shower

The major con of a cold shower is that if you are sick, you must not take a cold shower bath. It will further take your body temperature down.


Pros of a Hot Shower

  • When you are tired, taking a hot shower bath is the best option. It makes you feel alive and fresh.
  • If you are coming back from a hike or a long walk, a hot water shower will relax your muscles and keep you at ease. The hot water will provide the much–needed oxygen to your muscles after so much exercise you have been through.
  • It opens pores and cleanses your skin; it also diminishes blemishes on your skin.

Cons of a hot shower

  • Hot showers can make your skin itchy and dry; you feel it more during the summers. It can also damage the keratin cells that are present on the surface of your skin.
  • Hot showers can make certain skin conditions worse, for example, skin conditions like eczema can worsen.
  • It can increase your blood pressure. So, if you are a high blood pressure patient, taking a hot shower can be risky.

So, here are some of the pros and cons of a hot and cold shower. Whenever there are two sides, the solution is somewhere between. Many experts suggest that lukewarm water is the best option.

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