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Android 13 may enable you to utilise numerous phone numbers on the same device

The next version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 13, is presently under development. This implies that, while average users do not have easy access to Android 13, developers, or testers, do.

Mishaal Rehman of Esper discovered a new feature called Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) in Android 13’s newest code. Essentially, MEP in Android may be a technique of allowing multiple SIM profiles on a single eSIM — removing the requirement to utilise two distinct physical SIM cards or two eSIM cards to use two networks at the same time.


Because no phone supports solely eSIM, if implemented on a phone with a physical SIM card slot, the user will be able to enable three mobile networks on the phone. However, it is doubtful that popular phones would handle three networks at the same time, therefore this feature may end up replacing the present physical SIM card slot with an eSIM. Using an eSIM for two networks allows consumers to utilise two mobile numbers while also freeing up crucial space on the phone for other hardware components.

Dual-SIM support is a must for the majority of mobile customers, however, mobile phone makers have yet to achieve a breakthrough in making the capability easier. The present technique, which uses a physical SIM card and an eSIM on phones like the Apple iPhone and Google Pixel, is superior but not particularly handy, especially in areas where carrier-locked phones are not common (such as India).