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A bill has been introduced in the Rajya Sabha to allow police to collect biological samples from convicted criminals

Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced a bill in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday to provide police legal authority to collect physical and biological samples from prisoners and other people suspected of criminal activities.

On Monday, the Lok Sabha passed Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022, which would replace the Identification of Prisoners Act, 1920.


Mr Shah stated that the measure aims to enhance the inquiry process by bringing technical advances into the 100-year-old law.

The current law, which was drafted during the British era, according to the Home Minister, is insufficient in modern times. The proposed law attempts to increase the number of offenders convicted.


The law gives legal authorization for obtaining proper body measures of those who are asked to produce such measurements, which will make criminal investigations more effective and expeditious, as well as aid, raise the conviction rate.

The Identification of Prisoners Act of 1920 was passed to allow for the measuring and photographing of prisoners and other individuals.


The phrase “measurements” employed in the stated 1920 Act is confined to the taking of finger and foot imprints of a limited group of convicted and non-convicted individuals, as well as pictures on the direction of a court.

The new law broadens the definition of “measurements” to include finger impressions, palm and foot imprints, pictures, iris and retina scans, and physical and biological samples.