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Lemon Prices increased by THIS many rupees per kg which will surprise you! Read Here

Just as fuel prices and LPG, CNG prices were reaching new highs, lemon prices are not anywhere behind this list. Lemon is now costlier than Apples and Mangoes per kg. The prices have risen from Rs 70 to Rs 400 per kg. The prices are touching new highs in North India, but will they soon reach the west and south? We don’t want to be left craving cool lemonade in this scorching heat!

Why are Lemon Prices Rising?

  • Lemons are produced in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana. These regions are facing a lot of issues like sudden rains, and spoiled crops which have led to a low yield of lemons.
  • High demand in the festive season of Navratri and Ramadan has pushed the prices of lemons to new highs. This fact was reported by Dainik Bhaskar.
  • Fuel Price hike: As we mentioned before, whenever fuel prices hike, the prices of fruits and vegetables also rise due to their transportation costs. With over a 15% rise in transportation costs, the prices of lemons have seen such a high jump.
  • Soft Drink industry: A large amount of lemons goes directly to factories for the production of soft drinks. Hence, the market doesn’t get enough lemon supply which is leading to a higher price.

Check the latest lemon prices in your city:

City Lemon Price (Per Kg)
Delhi Rs 350-400
Bhopal Rs 300-400
Jaipur Rs 350-400
Lucknow Rs 250
Mumbai Rs 300-350
Raipur Rs 200-250



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