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The Maharashtra government plans to buy power from private companies

Power demand in Maharashtra is at an all-time high as the temperature rises by the day. On Friday, the state administration chose to purchase power from private players. According to state energy minister Nitin Raut, current power consumption is 28,700 MW and might rise to 30,000 MW in June. Currently, there is a 1,500 MW gap between electricity demand and supply.

The matter was considered in the cabinet meeting to guarantee that there is no load shedding in the state and that power is available 24 hours. The purchase of power has been approved by the state cabinet. It will be offered at a lesser price than the centre charges.


This decision would cost between Rs 100 and Rs 150 crore. The spending was Rs 192 crore last year.

Raut stated that officials are scouring the country for coal. We are collaborating with the country’s coal minister and energy department.


Coal reserves, on the other hand, are diminishing as energy demand rises. Sometimes railway rails are unavailable for coal transport. In Koyna, there is just 17 TMC of water available. Electricity costs between ten and twelve rupees. However, there is currently no electricity on the market. According to Raut, power gets shut off once a week in Gujarat.

Energy Minister Nitin Raut also stated that the state is experiencing a heatwave, which is causing transformers to fail to owe to rising temperatures. When there is a power outage, it must now be taken from private enterprises.


During the power crisis, Nitin Raut stated that the extra power required today must be acquired from private enterprises. Coal is currently in low supply.

Raut stated that the state has inked a contract with the firm for 700 MW at a rate of Rs 5 per unit.