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Top 4 Lifestyle Changes to control your high cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels can be very risky for your future. It often leads to various heart diseases and heart attacks. Some medications can improve your cholesterol but it has various side effects on your body as well. Today we will list a few lifestyle changes you can adopt to improve your cholesterol levels and stay heart healthy!

  • Eat heart-healthy foods

When you consume food that is favourable to your heart, your cholesterol levels are under control. To achieve a balanced cholesterol level, you must cut out on saturated fats (found in red meat, dairy products) and trans fats, instead eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, and walnuts and flaxseeds.

  • Physical Activity and exercise

Exercise can improve your cholesterol level. For example, moderate physical activity can help you raise good cholesterol levels in your body. Exercising for only 30 minutes every day 5 times a week can do wonders! You can join an exercise group to keep yourself motivated.

  • Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking improves your HDL cholesterol levels. When you smoke, your blood pressure and heart rate are elevated. Within 3 months of quitting, your blood circulation and lung function begin to improve and within a year, the risk of heart disease is reduced to half that of a smoker.

  • Losing weight

This tip takes us back to the 2nd one where we talk about exercising. This is more important when you are overweight. The extra pounds can contribute to high cholesterol. Small changes that can help you not gain the extra weight are cutting out sugary beverages, popcorn, junk food etc. Instead opt for alternatives like candies with no fat, fruits, fruit salads etc. Take the stairs instead of the elevator; take walks during your break. These little changes can help you live a smoother and longer life.

So, these are some of the lifestyle changes you can adapt to control your high cholesterol levels. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into it, just a bit of attention, time and patience.


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