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6 Dangerous Foods you must avoid that Cause Blockage in Arteries

In the last few years, cardiovascular diseases have seen a new rise among people and eventually leading to a high mortality rate in India. According to research, 1 out of 4 deaths in India is due to heart disease.

India is home to nearly 40% of the world’s heart failure patients and this becomes a matter of concern as India is a young country with 28.4 years as the median age. With the young generation constantly adapting to unhealthy lifestyles, the risk of heart disease is increasing rapidly.


Today we will a few food items that you must avoid to keep your arteries and heart-healthy:

  • French Fries: oh how dear fries are in our lives, it is everyone’s favourite side dish but very unhealthy. It is filled with carbs that instantly spike your blood sugar. It is also rich in bad fat.
  • Ice Cream: summer calls for ice cream cravings but you must avoid it as much as you can. It is high in saturated fat, and calories and you gain weight instantly.
  • Pizza: According to research in ‘Eat This, Not That’, Pizza is the 2nd biggest contributor of heart taxing saturated fat. Even if you are craving a pizza, you must stick to one slice.
  • Aerated Drinks: Aerated drinks like Coke, Sprite, Fanta, and Soda is not good for your heart. It can spike your insulin level, promote weight gain and reduce your metabolism. Instead of these drinks, you can opt for fruit juices or lemonade (maybe not because lemon costs Rs 10 per piece)
  • Meat: Red meat is a food item that you must consume occasionally. It contributes to a blockage of arteries and weight gain. In a recent study, around 20,000 people suffered from heart diseases who consumed red meat regularly.
  • Fried Chicken: Chicken is very good for your body but not fried chicken. It spikes your cholesterol level. Hence you must avoid the KFC chicken as much as you can.

So, these are some of the food items you must avoid to keep your arteries free of blockage and eventually keep you away from heart diseases.


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