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Ex-Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is being investigated for allegedly selling a gift necklace for Rs 18 crore

According to media reports on Wednesday, Pakistan’s top investigative agency has opened an investigation into former Prime Minister Imran Khan over allegations that an expensive necklace received as a gift during his tenure was sold to a jeweller for 18 crores instead of depositing it in the state gift repository.

The necklace Khan got as a present was not returned to the tosha-khana (state gift repository) but was instead handed to his special assistant Zulfikar Bukhari, who sold it to a jeweller in Lahore for Rs 18 crore, according to the Express Tribune newspaper.


According to the report, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched an investigation into Khan over suspicions that a costly necklace received as a gift during his term was sold to a jeweller for 18 crores rather than being deposited in the official gift repository.

The public presents can be retained in the personal closet by paying half the price, but Khan, who was defeated in a no-trust vote in Parliament last week, illegally placed a few hundred thousand rupees in the national exchequer, according to the report.


State officials are obligated by law to submit presents received from dignitaries in the Tosha-khana. It is unlawful to conduct if they do not submit the present or at least half of the value of the gift.