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Google has a secret iOS app that makes the transition to Android smoother

Google has now surreptitiously released an app that will make the transition from iOS to Android easier. Users may use the application to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android phone. According to 9to5Google, the app is called Switch to Android and it can work without a wire, which means you don’t need a data cable to move data from an iPhone to Android.

Google’s Switch to Android app allows you to swiftly and securely transfer your most critical data types – images, videos, contacts, and calendar events — to a fresh new Android smartphone without the use of cumbersome wires.


The application also leads you through other crucial device setup procedures, such as turning off iMessage so you don’t miss text messages from friends and family. According to the app description, the app will ask you for a number of permissions in order for your iPhone’s data to be transferred to your Android device.

According to 9to5Google, the Switch to Android is an unlisted software, so if you search for it on the App Store, you will not find it. The app may be downloaded via a direct link, but it has yet to appear in the App Store.


Google has yet to announce when the app will be available for download on the App Store. We’re curious what Apple thinks of Google’s new app.