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The design of the OnePlus Nord Buds has been revealed ahead of its April 28 debut in India

The OnePlus Nord Buds, along with the OnePlus 10R and the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite, will be available in India on April 28. OnePlus has unveiled the entire appearance of the Nord Buds ahead of the launch, displaying a box-like shell design for the company’s future earbuds.

OnePlus’ forthcoming earbuds appear to be sleek and in-ear in style. The earbud tips are covered with silicone, and at the rear of each earbud — where the stem meets the tip — there is a circular region with a glossy finish. However, it is unclear if this region enables gesture navigation or whether it is simply a clickable button for controlling the earphones.


The OnePlus Nord Buds charging case has the brand’s name carved on top, but the OnePlus logo is nowhere to be found, at least in the photographs the company has published. The charging state is also indicated via an LED light on the front of the charging case.

While the information on the OnePlus Nord Buds from OnePlus India is limited to the design, its listing in China has disclosed that the earbuds would have 12.4mm drivers and a latency of 94ms. Given that the OnePlus Nord Buds debut is still a few days away, it is probable that the company will disclose further details to generate anticipation.