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Beginning May 11, Google will prohibit all call recording apps from the Play Store

Google is taking strict efforts to restrict applications from giving call recording functionality to users in order to improve security and privacy on Android. Google has modified its developer policies to reflect several changes, including those in Android’s accessibility settings to disable remote call audio recording – a popular feature among Android users.

A Reddit user pointed out that the imminent changes in Google’s new Play Store regulations would prohibit any app from remotely recording calls. For some years, Google has been urging Android users to turn off call recording. On Android 6, it was possible to disable real-time call recording, but with Android 10, Google removed in-call audio recording via the microphone. However, some applications discovered a bug in Android that allowed them to access the Accessibility Service and provide call recording features for smartphones running Android 10 and higher.


Apps will be unable to offer call recording natively unless they have access to the recording API. This will be comparable to how the iPhone never provided call recording capability to its consumers. While Google highlights the modifications that will take effect on May 11, keeping user privacy and security in mind, another factor might be different nations’ call recording regulations.

In the United States, for example, call recording is only permitted with the permission of a party. Unfortunately, India does not have such legislation, although plans are said to be in the works.