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Netflix introduces THIS new feature to discover new shows and movies, Read Here

Netflix has launched a new feature called the ‘Category Hub’ in the TV, and Mobile version that allows users to find their favourite category and content easily. In the TV version, it will be visible on the left-hand menu of kids’ and adults’ profiles and lets subscribers find their favourite genres and discover new categories of movies. For the mobile version, it is visible on the top right-hand side of the app.

When you click on categories, you will see the top three category recommendations that are based on your viewing history. It will curate content based on special days and holidays.


Netflix announced this new feature in their blog post. With this feature, users will be able to find different genres and titles in one place. Currently, they have curated titles based on Earth Day. It will also show general categories like action, comedy, drama, and horror among others.

Netflix is regularly bringing in new features to its app. Recently, it bought the double thumbs-up option that allowed users to express their opinion that they liked the show or loved it.


Netflix lost 200k of its subscribers in a decade a few days back. Due to this, they are working on a feature that will allow accounts to be shared outside members’ households at an extra cost. This will mean sharing Netflix passwords will cost your extended family money.

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