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HP is developing a laptop with a 4K foldable display that might be available in early 2023

We’re accustomed to needing to unfold our laptops to utilise them. In a traditional laptop, this fold divides the display from the rest of the layout. The latest ideas try to include this fold into the display, similar to what we see on foldable smartphones these days. HP is the most recent technology firm to show interest in the subject.

HP is purportedly developing the world’s first foldable laptop or a laptop with a folding display. When unfurled, the laptop will have a 17-inch display, according to rumours. HP is counting on LG to offer a 4K display suitable for the laptop.


The data comes from a report by The Elec. It claims that HP may opt for a 4K display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. According to reports, the aspect ratio will be reduced to 4.3, with a diagonal screen size of 11 inches.

As per the report, HP plans to release the foldable laptop later this year or in early 2023, and it has already bought 10,000 display panels from LG. The amount is appropriate given that the technology is still in its infancy in the laptop sector and will remain a premium option for some time.


The reality is that there is still a limited market for such laptops, and it would be interesting to observe how HP attempts to break down those obstacles with their foldable laptop.