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Truecaller eliminates call recording functionality in response to a new Google restriction

Truecaller confirmed the removal of the call recording capability from its platform shortly after Google announced the restriction on call recording applications. Google said on Thursday that all applications with the call recording capability would be removed from May 11.

A Truecaller official commented on the topic, stating that according to the new Google Developer Program restrictions, they are no longer permitted to provide call records. This will have no effect on devices that have call recording built-in.


For many years, Google has been opposed to call recording applications and services, believing them to be a breach of customer privacy. For the same reason, Google’s Dialer app’s call recording function includes a loud “this call is now being recorded” message that can be heard on both sides before recording begins.

Google also said that the move will only affect third-party apps. This clearly indicates that call recording on the Google Dialer will continue to work if it is available on your device or in your location. This also implies that any pre-installed Dialer applications with a call recording capability will work. Apps downloaded from the Google Play store will be the only ones that are uninstalled. As a result, on May 11, any application that allows users to record phone calls will be removed from the Google Play store.