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5 Ways Bananas can boost your overall health

According to a survey conducted by statistica, Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits across the world! On average, we consume 10kg of bananas every year! Other than being the most convenient fruit, it is also very healthy. Today we will list a few perks of eating bananas daily and how it improves your overall health:

  • Healthy Gut: Bananas soothe your gut for the good. It is loaded with pectin which manages your cholesterol level and bowel function.
  • Healthy Heart: Bananas are rich in micronutrients like potassium that enhance heart function and manage your blood pressure. Those who consume bananas regularly have a lower risk of strokes, doctors say!
  • Cure heartburn and ulcer: This fruit is the best natural remedy for heartburn. It enhances your stomach health and neutralizes its pH.
  • Building muscles: Banana is a great source of magnesium which is important for building muscles.
  • Makes you happy: This might sound strange but banana can make you happy, it has certain compounds that have anti-depressant properties and fights depression.

So, these are some of the health benefits of bananas that you must know about. Bananas are a go-to fruit for so many of us yet we don’t know in how many ways it boosts our overall health!


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