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How fraudsters use WhatsApp to dupe consumers and take their money

WhatsApp and other messaging applications now have the ability to send and receive money, making it easier to make payments to friends and family members. It is rather straightforward. While customers now enjoy the ease of making payments online, scammers have devised their own methods to defraud them.

A number of incidents have been published online in the past about the same. Online fraud is on the rise as more people go digital. QR codes are one of the most prevalent methods of deception. Everything you need to know is right here.


For example, if you need to sell an item via online websites, you post all of the relevant information on the platform. Scammers might pretend to be buyers by pretending to be interested in your stuff. Following that, they may send you a QR code over WhatsApp, instructing you to scan the code using Google Pay or another UPI-based service in order to get the money in your bank account. This will get you into a lot of difficulties since you will end up paying the fraudster instead of receiving it.

Fraudsters may also give you a QR code over WhatsApp and instruct you to scan it with a UPI app and input your MPIN, which is the mobile PIN you have created for your banking app.