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LPG prices have risen by Rs 102.50, with a 19-kg cylinder now costing Rs 2355.50

The price of a 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder increased by Rs 102.50 on Sunday, May 1. The cylinder is now Rs 2355.50, up from Rs 2253 before.

Furthermore, a 5-kg LPG cylinder now costs Rs 655.


On April 1, the price of 19-kg commercial LPG was raised by Rs 250 per cylinder to Rs 2,253. The price of commercial LPG was increased by Rs 105 on March 1.

Commercial LPG prices in Mumbai have been raised to Rs 2,307 per cylinder, up from Rs 2205 previously. In Kolkata, however, a client will have to pay Rs 2,455 instead of Rs 2,351 for a 19-kg cylinder. At the same time, from yesterday customers in Chennai would have to pay Rs 2,508 instead of Rs 2,406.


The price increase is due to a surge in global energy prices caused by the Ukraine conflict and supply concerns.

However, it is reassuring that the price increase has occurred in commercial gas cylinders rather than domestic LPG cylinders.


Following the assembly elections in five states, the prices of petrol, diesel, and LPG have been steadily rising. The price of a subsidised household LPG cylinder increased by Rs 50 on March 22. Previously, there was no change in the price of home LPG cylinders after October 6, 2021.

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