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iPhone users may now listen to Microsoft Word documents when their phones are locked

iPhone users will soon have access to a useful new function that will assist them to navigate through Microsoft Word documents. iOS users will be able to listen to Word documents even while their phone screen is closed, as revealed by the Insider version of the Microsoft Office programme.

The functionality may be found in the most recent version of Microsoft Office Insider for iOS. The upgrade to version 2.61 adds the ability to listen to Word documents even while the iPhone screen is locked. It is an addition to the existing Read Aloud function, which can convert text to speech and read the full Word document out loud to a user in a predefined voice.


This means that Office Insiders on iPhones may just touch on Review of a Word document, followed by Read Aloud. The Read-Aloud icon in Word for iPad, which is located in the overflow menu, will provide the same functionality. The programme will then begin reading the text from where the cursor is now positioned, continuing the narration even after the lock screen appears.

The new Word for iOS capability is likely to be available to non-Insider users soon. The capability is being brought out alongside another new feature shown on the Insider Office Mobile app.