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IndiGo Announces Exclusive offers with special services like extra baggage and much more, Read Here

Here is some good news for IndiGo passengers, the airlines on Wednesday announced that they have launched an exclusive fare category called ‘Super 6E’ in which it will provide special services like extra 10kg baggage, free seat selection, and reduced cancellation fee as well as an in-flight meal.

The ‘Super 6E’ flight’s additional features will include an extra 10kg baggage allowance, free seat selection including the XL seats, meal/snack combo, check-in first and get your bags before anyone else, no boarding time bar and lost baggage protection service. Along with this, there is no change fee, reduced cancellation fee and no convenience fee.


The airline also added that the ‘Super 6E’ fare has been designed to provide the most sought-after services under a single fare for passengers who want to have all services bundled in a single fare. The ‘Super 6E’ fare went live from Wednesday, it added.

The flight charges of ‘Super 6E’ are different for different flights. Like indiGo’s Delhi-Mumbai flight of May 7 is Rs 11,519 but the normal flights (non-Super 6E) are just Rs 7,319.


There was a time when seat selection used to be free before making it a special feature in airlines now. However, after the pandemic, this choice comes at a cost in almost all airlines and the free seat is always the middle seat. After the pandemic, the airlines become even more rigid with charging for seats.

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