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Google Assistant may now automatically update the compromised password

Google’s virtual assistant software programme Assistant may now notify users when they need to update their password and even aid them in doing so.

According to Android Police, Google said last year that it will be implementing a feature in Chrome for Android that would allow Assistant to assist users in changing stolen passwords in only a few taps.


The company had stated that the new experience will be progressively rolled out, but it is only now that more than a handful of consumers had begun to receive it on their smartphones.

According to the report, Chrome may also notify users if their saved credentials are dangerous or have been reused from a data breach.


Google stated in 2021 that it will begin automatically resetting hacked passwords for users, but most individuals still had to do the actual password-changing step manually.

With this update, users will be notified as soon as they connect to a site using a hacked password. According to Android Police’s Max Weinbach, the dialogue box will have a large Assistant-branded “Change automatically” button.


When touched, a confirmation sheet will appear, which users must accept. Users will be directed to the impacted website to create a new password for their accounts. Users can enter their own key here or let the built-in password manager recommend one.

According to the article, Assistants can manage the entire procedure for users from beginning to end, but they can take control at any point.