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Google Search, Assistant gets THESE exciting new features at the I/O 2022 Event, Read Here

IT Giant Google held its first I/O event of 2022 and announced several exciting features for Google that will make it even more interesting and easy to use. Google introduced a new Maps feature, an immersive 3D view of maps to give live information about traffic and weather and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the top features that were introduced at the event:

  • Computer Vision: Google Maps will use computer vision to increase the number of buildings on a map. This means that small homes in Africa will also be visible.
  • With the new AI, you can sit inside a restaurant and experience the feel and look of the restaurant right from home. The AI will create the 3D rendering based on available images.
  • Google is bringing an auto-summarizing feature that will use AI to help give users a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) of a large document.
  • Google will introduce an immersive view in Google Maps where you will be able to see a rotating 3D view of cities from the air including traffic and weather.
  • Google Assistant to soon see a new feature called ‘look and talk’ in which users have to look at the device and start talking. The assistant will use face and voice matches in real-time to get quicker results. This will not need users to say ‘ok google’ all the time to open the Assistant separately.
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides will get extended phishing protection.
  • Google Search is upgrading its visual search in which users can click an image and search for it on the search engine. For example, you click a photo of an orange dress and search for different colours of that dress on Google.

These are some of the features that were announced at the Google I/O Event 2022. These features will give users a unique experience of virtual reality and AI.


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