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4 Easy To Make Infused Drinks for Better Digestion

Sometimes you might face issues with your digestion. It often happens when you eat something that doesn’t suit your gut. In such cases, many prefer to have soda, eno or digene. We all know they have preservatives which are not good for our health. Today we will list some easy to make drinks that will help you with your digestion process.

  • Ginger Root + Water or Ginger Tea

Mixing some ginger roots with water and having it raw, or heating it to make tea are the 2 best ways to consume it. Warm Ginger Tea before or after your meal improves your digestive health and prevents heartburn, stomachache etc.

  • Lemon Water

Lemon water is always India’s go-to drink when anyone’s stomach is upset at home. Lemon helps decrease symptoms of stomach issues like bloating, constipation etc. It soothes your stomach and keeps your systems in check.

  • Mint Leaves + Water or Mint Tea

Popular in Asia and Europe, Peppermint tea is used for thousands of years for its natural benefits. Mint contains natural chemicals that reduce spasms in the gut, this means it relaxes your body and it digests the food easily.

  • Cucumber + Water

Cucumber and water is a detox drink that removes all the toxins from your gut. You can have it any time of the day. To make this drink, chop some cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint leaves and mix them well with a cool glass of water.

So, these are some of the infused drinks that you can have when you feel your stomach is not acting the way it should. These drinks will soothe your tummy.


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