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5 Indian Recipes That May Aid with Blood Pressure Management

If you eat a lot of heavy, greasy, or sugary meals, you should be aware that this can be harmful to your health. It may potentially result in excessive blood pressure. It is one of the most prevalent lifestyle-related illnesses, impacting millions of individuals worldwide. It is also known as hypertension. While there is no direct therapy for hypertension, it can be managed by medicine and nutrition. So, if you’re looking for meals that will help you regulate your blood pressure, we’ve got some Indian recipes for you.

Take a look at them below:


Bhindi Dahi

Dahi Bhindi is a traditional Rajasthani meal. It’s easy to make and only takes around 30 minutes. Bhindi is said to provide a variety of essential nutrients that may aid with blood pressure management.


Salad Rajma

If you have any leftover rajma, this is the recipe for you. You’ll need half a cup of rajma, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, walnuts, and peanuts to prepare this rajma salad. Lemon, salt, and pepper are crucial for flavour.


Roti Jowar

Sorghum, also known as jowar, is a millet abundant in minerals, fibre, protein, and antioxidants. It also has a high potassium content, which can help with blood pressure management.


Cucumber Raita 

Dahi is a delicious summer treat, and when cucumber is added, it becomes even more so. Cucumber is 95% water, so it keeps us hydrated while also flushing away toxins, making digestion smoother.


Moong Dal Chilla

A wonderful desi recipe to try is moong dal, which is high in fibre, potassium, and iron. Moong dal chilla is a traditional Indian breakfast consisting of a savoury pancake filled with moong dal paste, onions, and spices.