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The Google Pixel 6a pricing in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and other countries has been announced

Google has finally chosen to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack from its affordable Pixel A series since the current Pixel 6a lacks one. Several smartphone manufacturers have previously ridiculed Apple for eliminating the headphone jack from iPhones.

Popular tech companies including Samsung, Google, and OnePlus have previously mocked Apple’s design selections. Apple pioneered the practice of removing the headphone jack with the release of the iPhone X.


It turns out that Google reversed their decision in favour of a wireless strategy. This function is already missing from the top Pixel phones, and it has now been added to the more affordable Pixel A series.

However, rumours suggest that the Pixel 6a will be available in July of this year, which seems doubtful. The Pixel 6a is estimated to cost approximately Rs 40,000 in India. For your information, the device was announced in the United States with a starting price of $449, which is approximately Rs 35,000 in India when converted.


The new Pixel A-series phone includes a 6.1-inch OLED 60Hz HDR display, a 4,410mAh battery with 18W quick charging, a twin back camera arrangement, Google’s Tensor engine, and more.

The benefit of Pixel phones is that consumers will receive timely long-term upgrades as well as the finest software experience. Only time can tell how well the Pixel 6a does in India.