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Flight tickets set to become costly? ATF prices hiked for the 10th time this year, Read Here

The ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) price in India has surged to a record high after they were increased by 5% in New Delhi. According to a report by Mint, the ATF price in New Delhi is Rs 123.03 per litre. Since January 2022, ATF prices have surged by over 50%.

According to the report, the jet fuel price makes up to 40% of the total cost of the airlines. With the recent jet fuel hike, flight tickets will become costlier. On March 16, the prices were hiked by 18.3%. Later in April, it was hiked by 2% and then 3.22% in May.


Check Latest ATF Prices In India Here

City ATF Prices (per KL)
New Delhi Rs 1,23,039.71
Mumbai Rs 1,21,847.11
Chennai Rs 1,27,286.13
Kolkata Rs 1,27,854.60



The fuel prices have been rising since the Russia Ukraine war broke out. Firstly the petrol-diesel prices were reaching new highs and now the same impact is seen for flight prices as well. The pressure is high on India as the country imports 85% of its fuel from other countries.

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