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PM Modi says India plans to deploy a 6G network before the end of the decade

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that India plans to bring up a 6G telecom network by the end of the decade, providing ultra-high-speed internet connectivity.

India now has 3G and 4G telecom networks, and firms are preparing to deploy 5G networks in the coming months.


Speaking at the TRAI’s silver jubilee ceremony in Delhi, he stated that the 5G network deployment is expected to bring USD 450 billion to the Indian economy.

This is not just improving internet speed, but also the rate of growth and job creation, he said, adding that 5G technology will bring about beneficial changes in the country’s governance, ease of living, and ease of conducting business.


According to him, it will spur growth in agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, and logistics.

A task team has begun work on deploying a 6G network before the end of the decade, as per the prime minister.


PM Modi criticised the previous Congress-led UPA administration, saying the 2G period represented policy stagnation and corruption.

Under his administration, the country transparently transitioned to 4G and is presently transitioning to 5G.


Teledensity and internet users are rapidly increasing, he said, noting that mobile manufacturing facilities in India have grown from two to more than 200, making the nation the world’s largest mobile manufacturing hub.

He noted that an indigenous 5G testbed in the telecom sector is a crucial step toward India’s self-sufficiency.