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GOOD NEWS: Federal Bank Hikes FD Interest Rates, Read Here

The Federal Bank has increased its FD interest rates. They have increased the interest rates on deposits less than Rs 2 crore for all tenures. Since the announcement of the RBI repo rate hike, many Indian banks have been raising their FD interest rates.

The rates were kept low before to increase the liquidity in the economy. For this, the RBI also increased the printing of new currency. Also, due to the Russia Ukraine war, inflation is touching new heights across the globe. With the pandemic almost behind us, the central banks have been hinting at higher interest rates to fight inflation.


Federal Bank FD Rates

Tenure Interest Rates
7-29 Days 2.65 per cent
30-45 Days 3.25 per cent
46-60 Days 3.65 per cent
61-90 Days 3.75 per cent
91-119 Days 4 per cent
120-180 Days 4.25 per cent
181-270 Days 4.5 per cent
271 Days-1 Year 4.75 per cent
1 Year-549 Days 5.4 per cent
550 Days 5.5 per cent



Recently, ICICI Bank increased the FD interest rates for certain tenures, Know all about it here.

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