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Instagram testing THIS new feature for stories, Read Here

Meta-owned Instagram is reportedly testing a new Stories layout that hides excessive posts. According to 9to5Mac, Phil Ricelle, a Brazilian Instagram user noticed that the app is only showing 3 stories shared by other people.

Currently, users can post up to 100 stories at a time. Now, users might be given the option of ‘Show All’, those who get this update can tap on Show All to see the rest of the stories otherwise it will jump to the next person’s Stories.


This will bring a big change in Instagram Stories, the report said. Some users are comfortable by just scrolling through the stories from an account at once. After this update, users won’t see all stories of other people. For creators, this means that any posts after the 3rd story will have fewer views.

Also, if Instagram is limiting the number of Stories displayed then users must be able to see stories of more people if they are not interested in watching excessive stories of a certain user. Currently, this layout was visible to only a few users so it is likely that Instagram will bring in more changes before rolling it out for all.


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