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Vi now offering 2GB Additional Data Benefit for THESE Prepaid Plans, Read Here

Vodafone Idea has unveiled the Data Delight offer for its Hero Unlimited data recharge plans. With this offer, Vi users can get up to 2GB of additional data every month apart from their daily data limit at no extra cost. However, this offer doesn’t activate automatically.

To activate this offer, users have to dial 121249 from their mobile number or activate it from the Vi app. The Hero Unlimited plans also have weekend data rollover and daily unlimited nighttime data.


The Hero unlimited prepaid plans start from Rs 299. Other plans in the higher range are Rs 359, Rs 409 and Rs 475 data recharge plans with a higher daily data limit. In all these plans, users will get an additional 2GB of data every month. They will also get benefits like Binge All Night benefit (access to unlimited high spend data at night between 12 am – 6 am).

In the weekend rollover feature, the daily unused data will be accumulated at the weekends that you can utilize and make full use of.


In April, Vi had also announced new prepaid plans of Rs 98, Rs 195 and Rs 319 with a validity of 31 days. These plans include a 2GB daily data limit and unlimited voice calls.

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