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How to be productive with TIMEBOXING? Read Here

Our time mismanagement often lands us in trouble and we miss important deadlines because we couldn’t manage time. Keeping up with the daily tasks then becomes a herculean project that never seems to see its end. How can you manage time and get things done perfectly? Today we will see one of those ways!



Timeboxing is a time management method that offers a different approach to managing your time. This helps you to focus on one task at a time without any distractions. Your goal is to accomplish the task within the specified time to a task.

Scheduling your tasks into time boxes improves the time spent on tasks. Let’s see how you can apply it to your schedule.


How to create your time-box?

  • Create a timebox with your to-do list

The first step of the method is to determine how complex or simple a task is. You have to allot a time frame to complete the task and create a time box accordingly. Make sure to leave some room for short breaks or sudden disturbances.

  • Set a timer for each task

Once you have decided how much time a task needs, you can set an approximate timer for the same so that it will notify you when you have to move from one task to the other. It will help you stay focused and accomplish your tasks smoothly.

  • Hard Timebox or soft timebox?

If you are not sure of certain tasks getting completed in a limited time frame, schedule them on soft timeboxes as it offers more flexibility. A hard timebox works best if you want to get a task done with perfection without any delays. Decide on these two factors and you can get your work done smoothly.

  • Evaluate and Revise

Once you are done with your tasks, evaluate your performance and how good or bad you did in the time limit you gave to yourself. This will help you improve your work efficiency. With each evaluation, you will improve your productivity.

Timeboxing is giving priority to different tasks and getting them done in a time frame. This helps you improve your skills and also avoid procrastination.


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