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Google Street View makes a comeback, to be soon available in these 10 cities

The Google Street View of Google Maps is likely to make a comeback in India. It will allow users to navigate areas in panoramic view. It is reportedly going to go live in 10 cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai among others.

This feature was denied permission for a full-scale launch in 2016. On Wednesday, Google announced that it is launching Street View in India in collaboration with Tech Mahindra and Genesys. The Google Street View in the 10 Indian cities will show a 360-degree panoramic view that will initially cover 150,000 kilometres of roads.


The cities where the street view will work are:

  1. Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Pune
  4. Ahmedabad
  5. Chennai
  6. Bengaluru
  7. Ahmednagar
  8. Amritsar
  9. Hyderabad
  10. Vadodara

The company collects street photos via a fleet of Street View cars, each equipped with nine cameras that capture high-definition photos from every vantage point possible. “These cameras are athermal, meaning that they are designed to handle extreme temperatures without changing focus so they can function in a range of environments,” according to Google.


Once Google collects photos, it uses a technique called photogrammetry to align and bring together a single set of images.

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